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Glass replace or Repair
 Windshield Replacement Windshield Repair



Why repair or replace your windshield?

Why repair or replace your windshield?

Everyone knows that they need to wear their seat belt. We all see car commercials everyday showing those test dummies flying out of a vehicle during an accident. Most drivers are completely unaware of just how important their windshield is to their safety.

Windshields were originally designed to keep debris, rocks and any other road matter from impacting the driver. Now, windshields are designed to contribute to the overall integrity of your vehicle. In a head on collision, the windshield can provide upwards of 50% of the structural integrity of your vehicle. The strength of your vehicles windshield is extremely important for maintaining the structure of the vehicle’s cabin in the event of an accident.

In a rollover, your windshield is there to support the weight of your vehicle, keeping the roof from completely caving in. One of the most common causes of fatalities in a rollover is a head injury or ejection from your vehicle. The windshield helps keep both of these from happening by not only keeping you in your vehicle but helping support your automobile from crushing itself with you inside.

A laminated piece of automotive glass is designed to be so strong it can support the force deploying air bag. Most side air bags deploy from the dashboard using it to bounce off of the windshield into the passenger. This is why it is important to install your windshield properly to help support this force.

Windshields have developed and become a key safety feature for your vehicle. If you encounter any type of damage to your automobiles glass, you should get it looked at by an auto glass expert without hesitation.

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